Soul Sisters Blooper Reel

Bloopers from the Soul Sisters comedy web series shoot where a police officer (Dave Splawski) must make a moral decision in a room of temptation, guided by an angel (Erin Darling) and devil (Sheila Chalakee).

I’m The 1st Female Guest On The Hailey & Misty Show!

Hi Guys!
Honored to report that I was invited to the first female guest on The Hailey & Misty Show! Check out our Chinatown adventures, here:

Stalked On YouTube. WTF?

A friend alerted me to my unplanned cameo in a video by YouTube gamer, Tejbz, while I was hosting at Call Of Duty XP this past Fall. Shit gets really interesting around 4:13.
So the question is, should I make a rebuttal video? Advice, ideas & suggestions, anyone?

Cameo In Sketch Comedy Video

Ever wanted to see me in a cheap, plastic, black wig? Check it around 1:52.
New TLC Show SNEAK PEEK: I Didn’t Know You Didn’t Know You Were Pregnant

Comedy At The Palms!

Hello Loves!
Need some laughter in your life? I thought so…
Come check me out at The Palms (8572 Santa Monica Blvd, West Hollywood, CA 90069) on February 9th! It’s gonna be a great show!