Erin to Host Red Carpet at Annie Awards

Erin was recently booked to host on the red carpet at the 37th annual Annie Awards, one of the largest award shows created to honor excellence in the field of animation. This year the event will be hosted by William Shatner, and some of the nominees (and special award recipients) include Wes […]

Week in Thestream

It was a very comedic week in, thanks to those crazy antics of “The Real Cool Club” and one hilarious attempt at rapping from the Rad Nerds and their posse. See the video below for the clips! Unfortunately, “Twending” was not part of the fun, because our start date has been pushed back […]

Linked on TMZ & Kitson Video

Hey everyone,
I’ve had an incredible start to 2010, and I can not wait to see where the rest of this year brings me! As mentioned in earlier posts, I’ve started writing for Associated Content and my first published article on their site was linked on! Very exciting to see it up […]

Read Erin On Associated Content

As mentioned last month, Erin was asked to contribute to Associated Content as a guest blogger. Her first article on Celebrity Fashion Pioneers to Watch in 2010 is already up, and ready to read! She’ll be writing more articles and producing content, so look for more in the weeks to come. We’ll also keep you […]

Twending is back on 2/1!

Hey everyone,
Most of you who are familiar with already know that we have been on a production break for the last few weeks. However, we will be back in action on Monday, February 1st. That means Twending will be back on the air at it’s usual time (7 PM PST) in […]