Watch Erin Host Eco-Hollywood On CBS Tonight!

Watch Erin Host Eco-Hollywood On CBS Tonight!

Tune in to watch Erin interview celebs about what they’re doing to live green lifestyles tonight on Eco-Hollywood, airing on CBS! Interviews and performances from Priscilla Ahn, Casper Van Dien, Tim Urban and Ed Begley Jr.!

VIDEO: Celebrity Sock Puppet Theater!

Is there ever a good time to tell your wife that you had an illegitimate love child with a member of the household staff nearly a decade ago? Just in case you were wondering, the answer is “no.”’s “Celebrity Oops” explores this question in this edition of Celebrity Sock Puppet Theater. Arnold Schwarzengger voiced by […]

VIDEO: Erin Checks Out Supremacy MMA For Coin Op TV

Hey Everyone!
A while ago, I got to visit Kung Fu Factory to check out Supremacy MMA with Robert Welkner of Coin Op TV! Anybody like a good fighter game? Check it out!

“Celebrity Oops” Episode 3: Life Coach Gone Wrong

This week, watch me and my co-host embark on a mission to find out who Lindsay Lohan is spending her time with (other than her drug dealer), talk Bristol Palin’s move to LA, discuss the best/worst Twitter activity of the week, and count down the top 5 celebrity duos we’d like to see get tipsy […]

“Celebrity Oops” Episode 2

Hosts Erin Darling & Haely White talk Charlie Sheen’s new sober hobbies, how international mayhem ensues when Canada’s favorite teen idol, Justin Bieber, gets egged in Australia (Oh no!), and compare wages of sweatshop workers to that of an overpaid child actor.
Celebrity news that won’t make you vom, brought to you by!

VIDEO: Erin Interviews Music Acts At EDC