Pop Culture Comedy Ideas? Suggestions? Tell Us!

Hey Guys!
As I’m sure you’ve noticed, my co-host Haely White and I have put a pause on production for our comedic web series, “Celebrity Oops.” We’ve always wanted to put a heavier emphasis on pop-culture based sketch comedy, so we’ve working hard at developing new hilarious ideas and segments that will fit in with this […]

A Big Thank You!

Thank you to those of you who came to my show at Room 5 last Thursday! It means the world to me that you continue to support me and show up to see my stand up! I am extremely thankful for every interaction, every compliment (or constructive criticism, even), every person who makes an effort […]

On Demand “Freerunner” Promo Shoot

Hey Guys!
Thanks for your love and support! I appreciate you keeping up with all my activities! Last week I had the amazing opportunity to shoot an On Demand ┬ápromo for the film, “Freerunner.” It’s a crazy, adrenaline-pumping action movie with incredible freerunning/parkour stunts. How do I know this? Because I tried some of them!
That’s right, […]