Jalisco Wayne & Trendee King Photo Shoot

Last week I had the opportunity to shoot with some very talented people, it was the best way to spend my birthday ever! Thanks for the amazing shoot, guys! I love how it turned out!
Photographer: Jalisco Wayne
Styling/Make-Up: Trendee King
Hair: Katherine Sofia
Lighting: Jason B. McCann

“Does This Make You Uncomfortable” at UCB

Some of the most exciting news ever…
I’m putting up a sketch show at UCB next month!
The show will be comprised of comedy sketches by my sketch group that will make you laugh and cry all in the name of awkward situations. The show is scheduled at 6:30 PM on January 9th, ticket info coming soon! […]

Not Too Shabby Tonight!

Hey guys!
If you’re in Hollywood tonight, check out Not Too Shabby at UCB!
This sketch we’re putting up is gonna be ridiculous.