AMC Has A New Host!

Friends, family, colleagues,
I’m so happy to announce I’ll be joining the AMC Movie News team! I couldn’t be more excited, thrilled, overjoyed, etc.
For the official announcement, click here. And for more movie talk, news, and reviews, check back in to AMC!

Photos From Comic Con 2013

This weekend was my first experience at Comic Con, and all I can say is WOW.
Coverage for Crave Online kept me busy, bouncing from events to red carpets, but it was well worth it as we had a record shattering weekend for traffic, and by the end of the convention, 34 videos of interviews, features, […]

Best & Worst TV Shows Turned Movies

We all have our favorite TV shows that’ll always be near and dear to our hearts, occupying the spaces next to our fondess for grilled cheese sandwiches, and Lisa Frank notebooks…but do your same sentiments for those beloved television shows translate to the big screen?
On this episode of It’s A Wrap, this is precisely the […]