AMC Movie Talk Wins “Best News Series” At The IAWTV Awards!

Could there have been a better way to bring in the new year?
Thank you to everyone who tuned into the 2014 IAWTV Awards live broadcast. I was honored simply to be in the audience, but when AMC Movie Talk was named “Best News Series” I experienced every emotion including but not limited to: shock, surprise, disbelief, excitement, speechlessness, […]

Shooting With Michael Vieyra

Inspiration. You can spend days, months, even years searching for it. But most of the time, when you least expect it, it just happens.
Throughout my career I’ve had the pleasure of working with a lot of amazing people, but my favorite experiences are always the ones where mutual inspiration strikes and all of a sudden, […]

Working With POW! Entertainment

Dearest Internet friends,
I’m thrilled, excited, and beyond happy to officially announce that I’ve joined the POW! Entertainment family and will be doing the in-house media coverage for Stan Lee’s Comikaze!
Can’t wait to see you all on the convention floor! And if you’ll be in attendance on Friday, don’t forget to check out the AMC Movie Talk […]

Op-Ed: Why I’m Glad EW Didn’t Name ‘Sgt. Pepper’ Best Album

Entertainment Weekly announced it’s list of the 100 all-time greatest pop culture rankings of everything from movies, TV shows, to music.
While perennial favorite of the critics, “Citizen Kane” topped the list of the greatest movies (shocker), I was a little more surprised to see the publication’s choice for top album. Though most wouldn’t be stunned […]

This Is The End Review

Hey Weekend Movie Warriors!
Thinking about seeing apocalyptic comedy “This Is The End?” If so, you just might want to check out my review!
If you see it, but sure to tell me what you think!

White House Down Review

Here’s a little movie math warm up for the weekend…
“Die Hard” + 1600 Pennsylvania Ave = “White House Down”
For more on my equation, check out my review of WHD below!

THEPOPFIX Video Content Launch!

Does anyone else feel like you need to add a “blast off” anytime you hear the word “launch”…
It’s launch-time! THEPOPFIX is back. For those of you who have been following the blog, which I started a few years back with my BFF and parter in crime David Yi, know that it’s been a side project of mine for […]

Beer Pong Girls!


Pilot Episode:

Interview With Roman Coppola

Morning, friends!
Last week I had the chance to interview Roman Coppola about Charles Swan, Charlie Sheen, his famous family of directors, and of course, Star Wars. Bet you didn’t know know he is the charter member of the Star Wars fan club (neither did I).
For more interesting insights, check out my interviews below!